Meet the makers…

Co-founders, Caitlyn and Aaron Gering are centered in the SF Bay Area. As ministers, we love helping people realize and then step into their own worth. As makers, we strive to create an avenue for anyone to express themselves through design, art, jewelry and decor. Everybody has something unique and wonderful to add to this world - we want to see it!


Displaying Worth

Each person in this world is so important, valuable and unique. Our signature piece: the Identity Stone is wrapped in gold wire to show off all of the different properties of each stone, and celebrate it's uniqueness. We desire for our art to inspire people and encourage them to display their worth. Objects don't make the person, but it's always fun to show off who we are to the world. Go ahead and find something that inspires you! 

Making a Difference

Just as important as celebrating our own worth is helping the people around us step up into knowing their own. Identity Designs desires to not only create art for people to wear, live around and use to express themselves, but we also desire to see our company bring lasting change to the world. 

Identity Designs proudly supports Out of Egypt Network, a Bay Area Non-profit that builds community through education, networking and advocacy to provide for the safety and support for the victims of sex crimes including human trafficking, sexual exploitation and sexual assault. They do this by bringing accountability and public awareness to hinder the acts of perpetrators while providing information and intervention.

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In our consumer-based culture, we tend to find that the quality of the items we purchase suffers for the sake of quantity. Here at I.D we want to only provide our customers with the best quality. The materials we use are imporant to us, and each item we sell is hand-made with care - nothing gets on our site unless we love it and use it on a daily basis ourselves!